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The visit to this website does not mean that the visitor is obliged to provide any information about yourself. If you provide any personal information, the data collected on this website will be used for the purpose, fit, limitations and rights stated in Law 15/1999, Protection of Personal Data. The data provided by users will be incorporated into files of a personal nature that is responsible Pricetoroom SL, which will be kept confidential.

Users who provide personal data, accept and expressly consent to the inclusion of their data in the database containing personal data, which is responsible Pricetoroom SL, as well as computerized or not treating them with the so that they can be used by Pricetoroom SL an operational and statistical commercial purpose, of customization. Users expressly authorize Pricetoroom SL to perform the extraction, data storage and marketing studies in order to tailor their offerings to individual profiles. Pricetoroom S.L. It may keep their data once the relationship with the client in order to meet legal obligations to complete.

Pricetoroom S.L. proceed to the elimination of the data collected when no longer necessary or relevant to the purpose for which they were collected or recorded. In the event that the data collected are being used for a different purpose for which they were collected prior consent of those concerned it is required.

Pricetoroom S.L. has taken technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security and data integrity measures and to prevent alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access.

Users who provide their personal data give their express consent for them to be submitted for use in the same conditions as mentioned by Pricetoroom SL.

The users whose data are processed may freely exercise their rights of opposition, access and information, deletion of data and revocation of their authorization without retroactive effects in the terms specified in Law 15/1999, of Protection of Data Personal accordance with the procedure established by law. These rights may be exercised by written communication to the headquarters of Pricetoroom SL, located in Calle Doctor Marco Merenciano 3 46025 Valencia (Spain).

At the time of proceeding with the collection of data on the website of voluntary or compulsory nature of the data being collected will be indicated. The refusal to provide obligatory data will not be provided or inability to access the service for which they are being requested. Also, data may be provided voluntarily in order that they can be provided in a more optimal services offered.

Access to this website may involve the use of software components called “cookies”. “Cookies” are small pieces of information that are stored in the browser used by each client to the server to remember certain information that only the server that implemented it will read. “Cookies” generally have a limited duration in time. No “cookie” allows contact with the phone number of the visitor’s web, e-mail or any other means of contact. No “cookie” can extract information from the user’s hard drive or extract personal information. The only way that private user information part of the file “cookie” is that the user personally give this information to the server. Users who do not wish to receive “cookies” or wish to be informed of their application can configure your browser to that effect.

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