Expansión Casual Hoteles

We are the first hotel chain of Valencian origin with remarkable appearance out of our community, and our growing plan is going to take us a numerous city in the next years.

Casual Hoteles is a hotel chain like a thematic lodging low price model, from that we break with the classic model of thematic lodging based on stars to offer the guests something different, original, unique and the best price.

We are in expansion step in all Spain, consequently if you have hotels and you are interesting to innovate is the moment to join the CASUAL WAY.

Casual Hoteles has a clear growth vision, this brings us to open in the principal cities in Spain our establishment, if you have a hotel and/or hostal as for reasons of paperwork, retirement or other reasons you need rent or relinquish paperwork, you can contact with us.

The incorporation in Casual Hoteles will be clearly and direct with us, unnecessarily intermediation, we will be a rental agreement, management contract, comercial commodity or global. We offer a lot of alternatives in order to the entrepreneur will be accommodate to the more security afford his.

This is the moment to reclaim your business and join this project of expansion with an innovative vision.


Ayuda IVACE Internacionalización

El Plan de Internacionalización de CASUAL HOTELES dentro del proyecto “ACCIONES DE PROMOCION INTERNACIONAL PRICETOROOM SL 2016”  ha recibido ayuda financiera de la Unión Europea a través del programa IVACE Internacionalización 2016. Expediente:ITAPIN/2016/550.