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Are you looking for pet friendly hotels where dogs are allowed? Well, we propose you an idea you will like. For many of us our pets are real members of the family. And when we organize an excursion or holiday we always think of taking our dog with us. That is the reason we made an agreement with Tiendanimal to adapt our installations to the needs of pets and travelers. This converted us into the pioneers of a Spanish PET FRIENDLY hotel chain.


hotels where dogs are allowed

This agreement is part of the advertising campaign of Tiendanimal #nosinmimascota, with which one tries to avoid pets are forsaken during the holidays. In this campaign we encourage clients to send and share pictures during the trips with their “best four legged friends”. This way one shows that you can travel easily with them and……the best for everybody! Because you can find more and more pet friendly hotels in big cities where dogs are allowed and moved by awareness, we decided to be totally involved.

Pet friendly hotels in Madrid, Valencia, Seville and Bilbao

In our hotels of Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla and Bilbao you can bring your pet without any problem. Your doggy friend will have his/her bed to sleep on, his/her feeder and waterer, thanks to Tiendanimal and besides, if he/she is a guzzler, do not worry, we also have his/her welcome-snack! Ah, and also a portable waterer to trot around with them is much easier. We love traveling dogs!

When you reserve, indicate you come with your pet and we will prepare your room that way that he/she will feel at home. In Casual Hoteles your dog is always welcome. So your pet will have to tell lots of stories to his/her mates in the park back home. ;-)

hotels pet friendly madrid valencia bilbao sevillaRemember that in Casual Hoteles we try to make your visit to the city the most comfortable. Besides coming with your pets, if you travel with the family, you can apply for our Baby Pack. Totally free when you reserve via our web. In this pack we will provide you of a baby cradle, a mini stroller, a portable bathtub and a baby backpack. All this thanks to our agreement with El Bebé Aventurero. As you see, in Casual Hoteles we like to be surrounded by responsible companies and devoted to travellers like us. We love to be a perfect hotel for family trips.

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