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The last Wednesday of August. That is the date chosen for the great celebration of tomatoes: La Tomatina in Buñol, and of course, if you need a recommended accommodation discounts and maybe you can convince that you book with your friends in some of our hotels in Valencia, where we can also help manage your entry with one of the official agencies.

This party is sheer madness that originated in 1945 when a group of boys provoked a riot in which a vegetable starred. In the brawl that formed tomatoes flew uncontrollably, until the police took action on the matter. For the kids seemed funny thing, while the play repeated the following year. Since then, the authorities did not seem very orthodox way to celebrate the holidays, and for some years was the battle of tomatoes prohibited.

But there was no turning back, the people like this fun way to celebrate and every year, despite the arrests, there were more and more people throwing tomatoes. There was no way to stop, so we all joined the party, the haunted hotels, of course, and after the broadcast TV a weekly report in 1983 having special celebration, the party grew and grew, until in 2002 la Tomatina in Buñol was declared of International Tourist Interest by the General Secretariat of Tourism.

Hotel entrance to La Tomatina

Today is the influx of attendees so you have to get tickets and seating is limited. One agency that helps you with the entire process is Busabout, with which we have been working for some time and that has made us one of the recommended to enjoy the Tomatina hotels. Through this agency you can get a ticket + hotel + transportation + activities. All complete and well organized. So you would have no excuse to skip one of the summer parties. Of course, there are some essential tips and guidelines:

– You cannot enter bottles or hard or sharp objects

– You cannot broke your t-shirt neither that of others’

– It is recommended to hand crush tomatoes before throwing,

– To avoid strong shock and hear the signal to stop, that’s it, stop short, however they’re wet …

Of course we are specialized in holidays in Spain, but this certainly is one of the most original. So if you are looking for your hotel more the ticket entry, you know, you have to come to Casual Hoteles with Busabout.

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